Cougar stalking people - or MAybe people stalking cougar -on Vancouver Island

"The cougar is obviously fixated on something and I do not believe it is the person doing the filming, otherwise how could he have moved to a different position at 90 degrees to the cougar while it was still staring at something else. I suspect there is an electronic predator call being used. We have them now and that is exactly the type of behaviour you would expect to see when you set one up and a cougar comes in to investigate. You probably already did this but if you looked up “She hunts productions” on youtube you will see other videos where trail cams are used extensively. This was no accidental encounter."

" When they decided to chase the animal away it responded immediately even though the effort made was minimal. That is what they should have done on first sighting the animal but the effort to scare it away should have been immediate, loud, aggressive and sustained. What actually unfolded was at least 5 minutes where the cat was given the message that it was OK to be that close to people and that it had nothing to be afraid of. That just increases the risk to the people the longer it goes on. That is not a lesson that will serve the cat well or people well. Chasing the cat away immediately would encourage the cat to be wary of people. Wariness of people enhances the safety of both people and the cat. There are many internet videos of human-wildlife encounters where the risk to people and the animal is put in jeopardy to obtain sensational footage."