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We promote coexistence between people, bears, cougars and wolves by providing strategic leadership, support, education and innovative tools to communities sharing the landscape with carnivores in southern Vancouver Island.


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Black bear caught snooping around Langford home: some suggestions to avoid Attracting bears to your home

If you manage the bear attractants around your house you can keep your family safe and keep bears from being destroyed. There are a number of things you can do:

1. Keep all garbage securely stored until collection day.

2. Manage your fruit trees and berry bushes, pick all fruit as it ripens and ensure that windfalls do not accumulate.


3. Bird feeders often become bear-feeders, so please - only feed birds during the winter months.

4. Feed pets indoors, or if fed out of doors, take in any feed that is not immediately eaten.

5. Keep your barbecue clean and free from odours. Burn off the grill everytime after use and clean out the grease traps.

6. Manage your compost properly. Composts should have equal amounts of brown and green materials added to reduce odours.

7. If you keep chickens, bees, or small livestock, use a properly installed and maintained electric fence. Store all your feed in a secure location and ensure feeding areas are clean and free of attractants.